V-Rock Disney

V-Rock Disney (2011.08.31) [ Omnibus ]
Ref/Description: AVCW-12847>
1. Fantasia [Fantasia] by NIGHTMARE
2. A Friend like me [Aladdin] by NIGHTMARE
3. Beauty and the Beast [Beauty and the Beast] by Kawamura ryuuichi
4. Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride [Lilo & Stitch] by PENICILLIN
5. Chim Chim Cher-ee [Mary Poppins] by Plastic Tree
6. This is Halloween [Nightmare Before Christmas] by Sadie
7. Can You Feel the Love Tonight [The Lion King] by Aoi
8. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious [Mary Poppins] by THE KIDDIE
9. When You Wish Upon a Star [Pinocchio] by NINJAMAN JAPAN
10. Heigh-Ho [Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs] by CASCADE
11. You'll be in My Heart [Tarzan] by DASEIN
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